Snow Removal Tips Without Harming Your Lawn

December 26, 2023by Absolute-Exterior-adm0

As winter blankets our landscapes with a pristine layer of snow, the joy of a winter wonderland often comes with the responsibility of snow removal. While clearing snow is essential for safety, it’s equally important to approach the task carefully to avoid harming your precious lawn. Absolute Exterior Pros is here with expert tips to ensure effective snow removal without compromising the health and beauty of your yard.

Choose the Right Tools: Opt for gently snow removal tools on your lawn. Shovels with plastic blades or snow blowers with adjustable heights are excellent choices. Avoid metal blades, as they can damage the grass and underlying soil.

Timing is Key: Don’t wait until the snow has piled up significantly. Regular, lighter removal is gentler on your lawn. Remove snow before it gets compacted or turns to ice, making the process more challenging and can lead to potential lawn damage.

Mark Sensitive Areas: Identify and mark sensitive areas of your lawn, such as young plants, delicate shrubs, or areas with specific landscaping features. It helps you avoid unintentional damage during snow removal.

Use Deicers Wisely: If ice is a concern, choose environmentally friendly deicers or sand instead of traditional rock salt. Rock salt can affect your lawn and soil’s fertility and health. Apply deicers sparingly, focusing on high-traffic areas.

Adjust Snow Blower Height: If using a snow blower, adjust the height to ensure it hovers just above the grass. It prevents the machine from digging into the soil and damaging the lawn. It’s a good idea to practice using the snow blower in a safe area to get the settings right before tackling your lawn.

Shovel with Care: When using a shovel, lift the snow rather than push or scrape it across the lawn. It prevents tearing or damaging the grass. Take breaks to avoid overexertion, and be mindful of your body mechanics to prevent injury.

Create Pathways: Establish designated pathways for foot traffic to minimize the impact on your lawn. Concentrate your snow removal efforts on these pathways to divert foot traffic away from delicate grass areas.

Remove Heavy Loads Gradually: If heavy snowfall occurs, remove it gradually in layers. Lifting too much at once can strain your body and increase the risk of damaging your lawn. Take your time; remember that a slow and steady approach is best.

Post-Snow Care: Once the snow is removed, assess your lawn for any potential damage. If you notice any areas that appear stressed, avoid walking or driving on them until they’ve had a chance to recover.

With these snow removal tips from Absolute Exterior Pros, you can enjoy a winter wonderland without compromising the health of your lawn. Remember, extra care during snow removal goes a long way in preserving the lush greenery that awaits you when spring arrives.


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